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  • 「和」の呪文書をご覧あれ――『ストリクスヘイヴン:魔法学院』日本画ミスティカルアーカイブ





Wizards of the Coast

 This article is brought to you by the Wizards of the Coast team in Japan, and we're eager to show you something special from us for the Mystical Archive on Strixhaven.


 Hello to all global students!

 I hope you've all had a chance to read "The First Lesson: Introduction to Strixhaven". If you haven't, please read that article first, because preparing for a lesson is always important for students.

 If you have read the announcement already, you should know what the Mystical Archive is: a litany of spells, from the simple to the powerful, waiting for you in the Biblioplex. In this set, we will be reprinting 63 of the most famous instants and sorceries of all time, in specially designed frames.


 So far, this is the scope of the preliminary study. This is already exciting, but there's more to share.

 The global Mystical Archive cards are available in various languages, but those who love Japanese culture and art will be blown away by this: there will also be Japanese alternate-art versions of the Mystical Archive cards with art inspired by traditional Japanese paintings!

 Seeing is believing. First, let's take a look at the Japanese alternate-art versions of these three cards.

悪魔の教示者》/《Demonic Tutor》 Art by 墨絵師「御歌頭」/Sumie Okazu
  nihonga_Demonic_Tutor.png  nihonga_Demonic_Tutor_art.jpg  
選択》/《Opt》 Art by Rien.
  nihonga_Opt.png   nihonga_Opt_art.jpg  
剣を鍬に》/《Swords to Plowshares》 Art by 長乃/Nagano
  nihonga_Swords_to_Plowshares.png   nihonga_Swords_to_Plowshares_art.jpg  

 How do you like them? I hope you feel the beauty and depth of traditional Japanese painting as it blends into the world of Magic.

 The Japanese alternate-art versions of the Mystical Archive include all 63 different cards of the global version. You will see the rest of the cards during preview season, so please pay close attention to see them as they're revealed.

 As shared already, the Mystical Archive is open to all, and you'll receive one copy in each Draft Booster and each Set Booster, and at least three in each Collector Booster. The Japanese alternate-art versions appear in Japanese Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters, and at least one will come in Collector Boosters in all languages. In Japanese Draft and Set Boosters, Mystical Archive cards and Japanese alternate-art versions will appear at equal rates.

さらにコレクター・ブースターに収録されているミスティカルアーカイブについては、通常および日本画の両方に新たなエッチング仕様のフォイル・カードが用意されています! ここはきっと入学試験に出ますよ。
 There is one additional note: Both the regular and Japanese versions of Mystical Archive cards will come in foil and, found only in Collector Boosters, the new foil-etched treatment! I'm sure this will be on the entrance exam. Please keep it in mind.

 That's all for today from us. For more information, please wait for further announcements. We are sincerely looking forward to your enrollment at Strixhaven: School of Mages!

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