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  • 日本のカルチャーが新たなブースター・ファンに。『ダスクモーン:戦慄の館』より登場する「ジャパン・ショーケース」を見逃すな!





Wizards of the Coast


English Title: Beloved Japanese art styles meet Booster Fun. Do not miss the new Japan Showcase cards rolling out with Duskmourn: House of Horror!

We are excited to announce a brand-new part of Booster Fun, Japan Showcase cards, rolling out with our upcoming set, Duskmourn: House of Horror (available for preorder June 28 and arriving in stores September 27)!

Japan Showcase cards will feature card art from Japanese artists and illustrators, an homage to globally beloved and renowned art styles commonly found in Japanese hobby stores. But it's more than that: we also want the art to be set apart from what you'd normally see on a Magic card.


「ジャパン・ショーケース」とは? / So, what exactly are Japan Showcase cards? 

To truly deliver the vision of Japan Showcase cards, we knew we had to start with the card frame first to lay the groundwork.

We've done a lot of exciting work and experimentation with frames over the last several years. When conceptualizing these cards, we felt the frame should "get out of the way" to let the art hit with full force. After many iterations and reviews with our Japan office, we created what you see above. The outlines hint at the shapes of a card frame, serving as a subtle nod to keep Magic present while preserving maximum visual impact.

As we were perfecting our vision for Japan Showcase cards, we also turned toward thinking about the art that will live inside of it.

We knew this was a chance to work with many new and returning artists to bring the vision to life. Alongside our Japan office, we engaged our long-time partner the Kogado Agency, a Japanese art agency that is over 100 years old and has been a partner for Duel Masters and Magic art since War of the Spark.

We're extremely excited about the artwork and artist line-up we have for Duskmourn: House of Horror and beyond, and can't wait to show off all the great work.

「ジャパン・ショーケース」の入手方法 / Where You'll Find Japan Showcase Cards

1 美しいアートが際立つように丁寧に加工された、ボーダーレス版の通常フォイル
2 「ジャパン・ショーケース」限定となる、息をのむほどに美しい「フラクチャー・フォイル」

Japan Showcase cards are available in two versions and can only be found in Collector Boosters:
1. A traditional foil borderless design, carefully crafted to highlight the beautiful artwork.
2. A new fracture foil treatment that breathtakingly stands out and is only available with Japan Showcase

Over the past few years, we've shared various foil treatments with the goal of bringing the most unique and eye-catching cards to tables. When deciding on a complementary foil option for Japan Showcase cards, we revisited all of those options and more. We wanted to make sure the foil matched well with the varying Japanese art styles, so we spent two years testing different foil types and running test print runs with multiple concepts until ultimately falling in love with fracture foil.

Japanese-language Collector Boosters will include Japanese-language versions of traditional foil and fracture foil Japan Showcase cards, while all other languages of Collector Boosters will contain either English- (67% of the time you open one) or Japanese-language versions (33%).

Japan Showcase art will also be available in Arena for Duskmourn: House of Horror.

Like in Duskmourn: House of Horror, our current plan is for sets to feature 10 Japan Showcase cards, available in both treatments. The exact cards selected for Japan Showcase will vary by set, but our aim is to pick cards that are exciting to own, are good representations of a set's theme, and work well with the intended art style.

But, seeing is believing! Here is an early look at two Japan Showcase cards and four Japan Showcase art pieces. You can catch these cards again and learn more about the rest of Duskmourn: House of Horror during tomorrow's First Look.

『ダスクモーン:戦慄の館』ジャパン・ショーケース版カード先行公開 / Duskmourn: House of Horror the cards preview 

ホーントウッドの大主》/《Overlord of the Hauntwoods》Art by: アオガチョウ/AOGACHOU
永劫の不屈》/《Enduring Tenacity》Art by: TAPI岡/TAPIOCA
ボイラービルジの大主》/《Overlord of the Boilerbilges》Art by: AKIO
永劫の好奇心》/《Enduring Curiosity》Art by: 鈴木康士/D-SUZUKI
永劫の無垢》/《Enduring Innocence》Art by: かわすみ/KAWASUMI
永劫の勇気》/《Enduring Courage》Art by: 縫典/NUISUKE

 「ジャパン・ショーケース」は今年の9月、『ダスクモーン:戦慄の館』の発売と共にデビューを飾ります。戦慄の館というテーマが持つサスペンス感を損なわないように、まだここではすべてを解き明かしませんので、今後の続報もぜひチェックしてくださいね。MagicCon: Amsterdamのパネルにて『ダスクモーン:戦慄の館』のファーストルックもお見逃しなく!見逃した方はアーカイブをご覧になるか、後日DailyMTGでは『ダスクモーン:戦慄の館』に関する追加の情報もお話しする予定ですので、こちらもぜひご覧ください。
Japan Showcase cards will debut at the House of Horror this September, but as is appropriate given Duskmourn: House of Horror's theme, we can't ruin all the suspense. Stay tuned for upcoming reveals that share more about these exciting cards. And while we have you, don't forget to catch Duskmourn: House of Horror's First Look panel at MagicCon: Amsterdam or tune into the recordings and catch up on additional Duskmourn: House of Horror content available afterwards on DailyMTG.

※MagicCon: Amsterdamパネルの内容については、マジック日本公式Xアカウントでもフォローアップ予定です。

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